Bordering the south side of the mouth of the Kennebec
River, Popham Beach State Park is truly one of Maine's
rare geologic landforms that features a long stretch of
sand beach. Sunbathers relaxing on Popham's sands can
see Fox and Wood islands offshore, and the Kennebec
and Morse rivers border each end of the beach. Visitors
can walk to Fox Island at low tide, but are warned to pay
attention to the rising tides not to get marooned.

The rolling Atlantic surf draws thousands of swimmers
and surfers alike, and shell collecting is a pasttime of
many a sea side stroller. Lifeguards are on duty during
the summer months, but beachgoers should note that this
is a strong surf beach with undertows and occasional rip
tides. Swimmers should swim within their abilities and near
the lifeguard.
On Maine Route 209 fourteen miles from Bath to Phippsburg - follow signs to the park.
Operation Dates
April 15 - October 30, Fee Charged
529 acres: spacious sand beach, bathhouses, freshwater rinse-off showers, picnic area
with charcoal grills, trails and wildlife watching. Fort Popham is two miles further south
on Route 209.
Popham Beach State Park
10 Perkins Farm Lane
Phippsburg, ME 04562
Park Season: (207) 389-1335
Tide and Parking Hotline: (207) 389-9125
Popham Beach State Park

Call the Popham Beach State Park's Hotline during the summer for current tide and parking information: (207)
389-9125. Surfers can visit for tide information and should add 9 minutes to the
Portland chart for Popham Beach high and low tide data.

Popham's cultural and social history is still being uncovered. Excavations of the Popham settlement of 1607
and Fort George continue each summer.